Stop and Smell the Tulips

As we headed north in the WA rain for our 2 hour road trip we all questioned our decision to go see a few tulips spread across some field. But only after a short time did I forget about the rainy drive and enjoyed good conversation and laughs with my two gals! The fact that they were willing to drive a few hours, without question, to see a tulip festival they’d heard nothing about was a great start to me!

One topic we chatted over along our drive was adventure; seeing the sites around us to feel more settled and connected to the place you live. I’ve thought about it some more and I believe that step into our adventurous side can be two-fold. One, for exploring the newness around you, whether you’ve lived somewhere for months or even years, there’s always something new to be explored! Once you’ve experienced that piece of history or created some of your own, you’re instantly connected to that place with the memory you’ve made.

Two, for those you choose to explore the unknown with. That in itself can be an adventure! Looking back on my life, I can confidently say I’ve had a few adventures, especially in the last few years, and none of which I regret.  I believe without taking that first step outside my comfort zone,  I would not have the wonderful memories I have with those special people who’ve come into my life. Without that leap of faith, who knows what and who I would’ve missed out on.

Thanks to all those who have taken a leap of faith with me, as well. 🙂
And come to find out, the road trip was totally worth it, and not just for the fun and friendly chatter! We drove up north beyond Seattle to the beautiful, untouched open land of Mt. Vernon. The rain had gone and the sun was beaming.  Almost as if God had stopped the rain just for us.  Apparently every year in April the nice people of Skagit Valley open up their fields to hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors from all around just to see their tulips.  But not just any tulips.  A color-blocking dream of bright yellows, burning reds, and blush pinks. Football sized fields full of blooming tulips with lush greens and mountain views off in the distance. Let me tell you something,!  Not just for the spectacular views, but for the time spent with friends, too.
But don’t just take my word for it, you be the judge. Stop and smell the tulips for yourself … 🙂

Just!! Can I getta #Godsnaturalbeauty ??

Here’s to taking chances and being adventurous!

Lemons to Love,

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