Celllllabrate Good Times … Com’on!

This is one of my favorite shots from when Geoff was deployed. I feel like it symbolizes all the faceless heroes who’ve fought and continue to fight a war for the freedom of our country.  Seeing this image reminds me of all their hard work and humbled sacrifices, whether from our generation or generations passed. I’m so dang proud of this man! Whether in the service or not, he makes me proud to be his wifey, every day we’re together.
His birthday was quickly approaching and I wanted to do something extra special! What better way to show him some love then to throw him a SURPRISE birthday party?! We haven’t had the chance to celebrate his birthday in person yet, so I wanted to do something he wouldn’t expect.  After high-jacking his contacts from his phone (not an easy task, by the way) and conspiring with one of his good friends for help, we were able to pull together a surprise birthday bash for one deserving fella!

Hosting parties, cooking up treats and decorating for a special occasion puts me in my happy place! I get in a state of ‘buzzing happiness!’  I quickly threw together a menu fit for a small crowd of 20, with adult refreshments to wash them down.

*tasty apps + flowing drinks = successful party at the Cott household*

I added a few goodies for our party guests to ‘jazz’ up the surprise…(dern flash!)

(Me, incognito, so Geoff was really surprised!) 😉

‘The Spread’ included Funfetti cupcakes (Geoff’s favorite)! 
…and there’s my cute lil’ prego friend in the back ground

This Sangria recipe was one of the best I’ve had! Super easy and pleasing to the pallet…

And of course, who doesn’t love flowers and a pop of color for any center piece? Especially a ‘bowl full of lemons’ 🙂 

I think Geoff was surprised and everyone had a good time! It was so nice to have new friends over, celebrate together and create new memories forever…

Happy Birthday Baby!!! Here’s to many more celebrations!

I’d love to hear what puts you in your state of ‘buzzing happiness!’

Lemons to Love,



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