Mirror Mirror on the Wall

In my previous Haute Horse posting I mentioned the need to find my little lacquered friend some friends of his own on the surrounding wall space. The wall colors we have to work with are *um* less than to be desired so anywhere I can add the design and embellishments I enjoy, you better believe this girl’s doin’ it!

I’ve had this picture in my mind of adding a ‘wall of mirrors’ to really bring some more dimension and reflective light into the room (another essential need in the room, light!). ย I’d really love to have a mix of different sizes, shapes and antiqued finishes to the mirrors. I’m definitely still learning and changing what my design style is exactly, but I do know I love the mix of fresh clean lines with a ‘vintage’ charm. ย I think the blend of those two styles adds a reinvented feeling to any room while still keeping that warm and cozy feeling I love in a home.

Here are a few inspirations I’m pulling from…

I love,ย love the antique feel to these, even the way they’re hung on the wall adds a different element.

Loving all the different shapes to these!

And this one, well this one is just fabulous and I would love it over my dresser ๐Ÿ™‚

I think with this project, patience is definitely a virtue. I want the look to come together organically, not with just any ol’ mirror thrown on the wall. To find the look I’m really going for, I think I’ll go on a quest for some old and some new. Places like Target, Homegoods and TJ Maxx have some great affordable decorative mirrors that may provide the ‘newer’ look; while antique shops, thrift stores and estate sales will offer me the vintage vibe I really dig.

Now off I go to find my diamond(s) in the rough!

Lemons to Love,

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