Birthday in Chattanooga

From a busy summer to a busy fall, The Cott house has been on a roll y’all!! We’ve had so many fun visitors and outings I feel like I haven’t even had a chance to get into a real swing of blogging since moving to TN. So, while B naps I have Elf (SANTA!!) in the background and the fire lit so I can sit and get caught up on life here in middle Tennessee.

Geoff jokes and always says I like to celebrate a birthday month…don’t be ridiculous. ** It’s no more than a few weeks – tops. But there’s always next year! #goals This year for my (actual) birthday I channeled my PNW-self and set out on an impromptu visit to Chattanooga with my partner in crime. I used to frequent the adventure lane in Washington…on a random week day I’d pack a few day trip essentials and B and I would be off to visit somewhere we’d never been. I’d heard so much about the charming city of Chattanooga so off we went! Continue reading “Birthday in Chattanooga”


John S Pedestrian Bridge

My sister and her family came to visit us not too long ago and it felt sooo nice to host them in our new home. Y’all know I’m #emo on so many things and having extra time with my sis and her fam was nothing short of it. It was heart-warming to see the cousins playing with each other, laughing, and even a little squabbling – or the equivalent to that between a 3 and 4 year old. 😉 Continue reading “John S Pedestrian Bridge”