North Pole Express, Nashville

You know what’s great about snow days?? Aside from the obvious wintery wonderland that’s cast on everything around you? Getting caught up on your blog and doing some well-overdue spring cleaning on the site! You may have noticed a few new aesthetics and menu options here on LtL. Apparently blogs are just like people – they need some TLC, a little sprucing up and evolve over time (when you put the work in). 😉 So for 2018 I’ve given her a few changes and additions that will hopefully be beneficial in the new year and you’ll find helpful in navigating the site! Continue reading “North Pole Express, Nashville”

Hunter’s Christmas Tree Farm

Time is drawing near to my final day here in the PNW. This week has been bittersweet as I quickly approach to the day I’ll be home for the holidays and thereafter, but that also means I’m saying my good-byes to so many who mean so much. This morning I said good-bye to a group of women who came into my life right when I needed it. You might remember this post about my thoughts on leaving, and meeting this group of women at a mommy workout group I was a part of 3 days a week for over a year. Tomorrow is my last day at work. A place I’ve been a part of for over two years. It wasn’t the stimulating career I’d envisioned, but it has provided me with the flexibility and freedom to be a mom during the day and explore my creative ventures even further, not to mention brought some special friends into my life…and for those reasons I am forever grateful for my time spent there. Continue reading “Hunter’s Christmas Tree Farm”

Leavenworth Christmas Lighting

Let me set the scene: picture an adorable, charming German town set between picturesque snow-capped mountains with Christmas lights strung and carolers singing. The smell of bratwursts and beer permeate the air as we navigate the crowds to settle in for the 50th anniversary of the small town Leavenworth’s annual Christmas light festival. Continue reading “Leavenworth Christmas Lighting”

The Polar Express

Happy post Thanksgiving week, friends! Be honest, who was already listening to Christmas music well before Thanksgiving? *raises hand* I got no shame in my Christmas game. There’s just something about this time of year that makes my heart warm and spirit fill a little more with the season of love and giving. We had a sweet and fun Friendsgiving over at my friend Ashley’s house. She provided quite the food spread and holiday tablescape, but y’all know I couldn’t come empty handed – so I came prepared with Southern casseroles for our last Thanksgiving here in the PNW.🍽🍗 Continue reading “The Polar Express”