Pumpkin Patch

What a year a difference makes…about this time last year we were galavanting around the pumpkin patches of the Pacific Northwest. Now, just one (short) year later how so many things have changed.

On a whim one day our way home from preschool I decided we would stop by this local pumpkin patch I’d seen signs for in passing. We got there right as they opened, so the VIP parking was flowing. We walked through the pre-picked pumpkins to unveil the cutest little farm. It was so dang cute y’all! A little hidden gem, tucked away down a sweet country road *emoji heart eyes. This place was a perfect spot for kids B’s age to run, see, do! There were farm animals to feed, corn mazes to explore, and tractor trains to ride. Continue reading “Pumpkin Patch”


Pumpkin Patch Family Day

Washington has the cutest family owned pumpkin patch near us…I took Geoff so he could see what B and I explored around this time last year with my friend Ashley. You might remember the cuteness here. I mean, y’all when I say cute, I mean ca-yute!  They have little horses for the kiddos to ride, a hay ride, a tractor ride, a corn maze, a playground, a cute store for goodies…oh yeah, and pumpkins! 🎃 Continue reading “Pumpkin Patch Family Day”