Small Acts of Kindness

This morning had me deep in thought over a recent story I read over the weekend that continues to unfold. It’s the beautiful story shared by Simply Sadie Jane,  about a simple act of kindness by her son and the lives that were changed by one small gesture. Continue reading “Small Acts of Kindness”

A Case of the Fears

Fear is a funny thing – and by funny I clearly mean not funny at all, in fact it’s terrifying. Not a profound statement, I’m aware, but how do we fight a case of the fears that seem to creep into our minds during certain seasons of our life? History would tell me that I’ve battled this crippling thought process for years: am I good enough, what if I fail, what if I do all this for nothing? But faith and the truth in God’s vision would tell a different story… Continue reading “A Case of the Fears”

North Pole Express, Nashville

You know what’s great about snow days?? Aside from the obvious wintery wonderland that’s cast on everything around you? Getting caught up on your blog and doing some well-overdue spring cleaning on the site! You may have noticed a few new aesthetics and menu options here on LtL. Apparently blogs are just like people – they need some TLC, a little sprucing up and evolve over time (when you put the work in). 😉 So for 2018 I’ve given her a few changes and additions that will hopefully be beneficial in the new year and you’ll find helpful in navigating the site! Continue reading “North Pole Express, Nashville”