Auburn vs Ole Miss

One of my favorite places on Earth, Auburn, AL. We were there a few weeks ago for the Ole Miss game and to do some networking for GameDay Sitters. B and I left that Friday morning before the game and just had the sweetest time together walking downtown and talking to Auburn fans and local shop owners. I can’t begin to describe the happiness that fills my heart being back in the South and sharing childhood places and memories with my B…hint: it’s a lot.

Here’s a little peek into fun weekend on The Plains with family and friends! War Eagle, y’all! OH, and I put together a little video too…it’s been forever since I’ve done one and felt it was about time I did. 😉 And with this weekend being Veterans today and the Ole Miss game being Military Appreciation it’s the least I can do to honor those who’ve bravely fought for our country.

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Have a great y’all! Thanks for reading! War Eagle, beat GA!

Lemons to Love,



B & B visit the PNW

Contrary to popular belief, B&B does not, in fact, stand for bed and breakfast. Well, in this case anyway. In my world, B&B stands for Betsy and Brian. The dynamic duo that is my middle sister, Betsy, and her better half, Brian (you’re welcome, Bri). 😉

They flew out from the (B)east coast…is that a thing? I think I just made it a thing.  I may be using that one again in the future…🤔 We had a short by oh-so-sweet visit with them. We showed them some of our favorite spots here in the PNW; we hiked, we toured, and of course we ate and drank.

Here is our highlight reel. 🎞🎞


Geoff and I were both so thankful our sis and bro took time out of their busy lives to fly across the country just to spend time with us…thank y’all for the memories!❤️


*Not pictured, our day in Seattle (toddler free, thanks to some sweet friends of ours)! But check out the video for some Seattle snippets, or subscribe to my YouTube channel and never miss an adventure!📽📽

Thank you for reading!

Lemons to Love,🍋