Auburn Iron Bowl

OH, Auburn. #letmecounttheways You have such a tender spot in my heart forever and always. I’ve known Auburn to be a special place for me for as long as I can remember. I was walking the campus grounds before I was able to walk, strapped to mom or dad or hopped on someone’s shoulders. Now, being a family myself I get to share this same special place with our B…and y’all, he’s hooked and my heart does a million putters when I see his face light up. *cue Auburn fight song (see Auburn video at the end of this post) Continue reading “Auburn Iron Bowl”


Auburn vs Ole Miss

One of my favorite places on Earth, Auburn, AL. We were there a few weeks ago for the Ole Miss game and to do some networking for GameDay Sitters. B and I left that Friday morning before the game and just had the sweetest time together walking downtown and talking to Auburn fans and local shop owners. I can’t begin to describe the happiness that fills my heart being back in the South and sharing childhood places and memories with my B…hint: it’s a lot. Continue reading “Auburn vs Ole Miss”

B & B visit the PNW

Contrary to popular belief, B&B does not, in fact, stand for bed and breakfast. Well, in this case anyway. In my world, B&B stands for Betsy and Brian. The dynamic duo that is my middle sister, Betsy, and her better half, Brian (you’re welcome, Bri). 😉

They flew out from the (B)east coast…is that a thing? I think I just made it a thing.  I may be using that one again in the future…🤔 We had a short by oh-so-sweet visit with them. We showed them some of our favorite spots here in the PNW; we hiked, we toured, and of course we ate and drank. Continue reading “B & B visit the PNW”