I’ve never been known as someone with an ‘impressive’ memory. In fact, I can be quite forgetful of pieces to my past. However, I do remember how events and memories make me feel. I’ve always been the girl who loved taking pictures, no matter the occasion. From girls’ night out, to car rides, or special holidays I’ve always been ‘click happy’. (As a matter of fact, I have boxes upon boxes of 20+ years of printed memories stored away waiting to be scrapbooked) Before digital I had disposable; before smart phones I had flip phones, before my Nikon DSLR I had my beloved Canon Powershot. You see, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved photography. It’s creative outlet spoke to me, but mostly…it allowed me capture the moments I hold dear to me and freeze it one frame at a time.

During our time in the Pacific Northwest, I fell back in love with photography through the birth of our son and the adventures of the mountains. It’s really allowed LtL to take a new direction and express through photos in ways I cannot with words. Please explore and let me know if you have any questions! These are some of my favorite photography moments, I hope you enjoy the ‘frame’ into our lives. 🙂

*Any and all photographs you see under this Menu are original. I am considering putting some of them up for sale…what do y’all think? Contact me for questions or pricing!

Lemons to Love,