Small Acts of Kindness

This morning had me deep in thought over a recent story I read over the weekend that continues to unfold. It’s the beautiful story shared by Simply Sadie Jane,  about a simple act of kindness by her son and the lives that were changed by one small gesture. Continue reading “Small Acts of Kindness”

A Case of the Fears

Fear is a funny thing – and by funny I clearly mean not funny at all, in fact it’s terrifying. Not a profound statement, I’m aware, but how do we fight a case of the fears that seem to creep into our minds during certain seasons of our life? History would tell me that I’ve battled this crippling thought process for years: am I good enough, what if I fail, what if I do all this for nothing? But faith and the truth in God’s vision would tell a different story… Continue reading “A Case of the Fears”

Fall Creek Falls State Park

Every so often I’ll catch a spontaneous ‘bug’ and want to go off somewhere with B like we used to do in the PNW. I loved our time away together and the memories we’d create, so when I can I’ll do some research and find a kid-friendly destination within my two hour driving radius. Instagram is usually my go-to when searching for local fun spots. If you just search through some hashtags and adventuring photographer’s feeds you’re bound to stumble across a number of things of interest! When it comes to hiking, I’ll usually take the next step in my research reconnaissance and google the trail or park and see what other hikers are saying about the conditions of the trails, difficulty, and whether or not it’s kid friendly. Continue reading “Fall Creek Falls State Park”

North Pole Express, Nashville

You know what’s great about snow days?? Aside from the obvious wintery wonderland that’s cast on everything around you? Getting caught up on your blog and doing some well-overdue spring cleaning on the site! You may have noticed a few new aesthetics and menu options here on LtL. Apparently blogs are just like people – they need some TLC, a little sprucing up and evolve over time (when you put the work in). 😉 So for 2018 I’ve given her a few changes and additions that will hopefully be beneficial in the new year and you’ll find helpful in navigating the site! Continue reading “North Pole Express, Nashville”

2017 Recap

Closing out the 2017 year fire side with the fam and watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve…and glass of bubbles in hand. Oh how times have changed. While tonight may be at a slower pace than years before, this year has been anything but. In the last 12 months the Cott crew has had a few changes, addresses, and jobs. As the saying goes, for every ending there is a beginning and this year has been a year of new beginnings.

Here are LtL’s Top 3 posts according to you, the reader, followed by my Top 3 of 2017: Continue reading “2017 Recap”

Auburn Iron Bowl

OH, Auburn. #letmecounttheways You have such a tender spot in my heart forever and always. I’ve known Auburn to be a special place for me for as long as I can remember. I was walking the campus grounds before I was able to walk, strapped to mom or dad or hopped on someone’s shoulders. Now, being a family myself I get to share this same special place with our B…and y’all, he’s hooked and my heart does a million putters when I see his face light up. *cue Auburn fight song (see Auburn video at the end of this post) Continue reading “Auburn Iron Bowl”

Leaves with Levi

It’s official. Brooks has his first school BFF!! 🙊👬 Y’all…just y’all…try to scroll through these pictures without some sort of sweetness coursing through yo’body. I dare you. It’s just almost all too much. From their cheesy grins to the little munchkin’s gummy mouth chewing on leaves – I honestly almost #canteven. Continue reading “Leaves with Levi”

Birthday in Chattanooga

From a busy summer to a busy fall, The Cott house has been on a roll y’all!! We’ve had so many fun visitors and outings I feel like I haven’t even had a chance to get into a real swing of blogging since moving to TN. So, while B naps I have Elf (SANTA!!) in the background and the fire lit so I can sit and get caught up on life here in middle Tennessee.

Geoff jokes and always says I like to celebrate a birthday month…don’t be ridiculous. ** It’s no more than a few weeks – tops. But there’s always next year! #goals This year for my (actual) birthday I channeled my PNW-self and set out on an impromptu visit to Chattanooga with my partner in crime. I used to frequent the adventure lane in Washington…on a random week day I’d pack a few day trip essentials and B and I would be off to visit somewhere we’d never been. I’d heard so much about the charming city of Chattanooga so off we went! Continue reading “Birthday in Chattanooga”

Mural hoppin’ in Nashville

Nashville has so many cool things about it – I mean, they don’t call it Nashvegas for nothing! Aside from the shopping, food scene, honky tonk bars and southern charm (did I mention food scene)…people love finding all the cool murals throughout downtown. And by ‘people’ I clearly mean mayyy, this girl right here. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Fun art with bright colors and designs? Sure, sign me up. Continue reading “Mural hoppin’ in Nashville”

Machine Falls Hike

It happened, our first Tennessee hike! YAY! I’ve been dying to go since moving from the Pacific Northwest, and if y’all have been following along my LtL adventures for a while y’all know I found a sweet love affair with hiking out there. You can see some of my favorites here and here. Soon after we moved here I started in on my research of places to go and see. Machine Falls came up in my new criteria of travel and hiking – less than 2 hour drive and less than 4 miles round trip. (Those 2+ hour drives and 4-6 miles hikes are long behind us, for now. 😉 Momma’s not toting that 40 lbs of active toddlering no’mo.) Continue reading “Machine Falls Hike”

Auburn vs Ole Miss

One of my favorite places on Earth, Auburn, AL. We were there a few weeks ago for the Ole Miss game and to do some networking for GameDay Sitters. B and I left that Friday morning before the game and just had the sweetest time together walking downtown and talking to Auburn fans and local shop owners. I can’t begin to describe the happiness that fills my heart being back in the South and sharing childhood places and memories with my B…hint: it’s a lot. Continue reading “Auburn vs Ole Miss”

Pumpkin Patch

What a year a difference makes…about this time last year we were galavanting around the pumpkin patches of the Pacific Northwest. Now, just one (short) year later how so many things have changed.

On a whim one day our way home from preschool I decided we would stop by this local pumpkin patch I’d seen signs for in passing. We got there right as they opened, so the VIP parking was flowing. We walked through the pre-picked pumpkins to unveil the cutest little farm. It was so dang cute y’all! A little hidden gem, tucked away down a sweet country road *emoji heart eyes. This place was a perfect spot for kids B’s age to run, see, do! There were farm animals to feed, corn mazes to explore, and tractor trains to ride. Continue reading “Pumpkin Patch”