Bs 1st birthday party

Brooks is ONE! Sometimes I still can’t believe it…and then I see all the little milestones he’s learned over these last 12 months and remember I’ve watched him grow so much and a year seems just about right. 🙂 In true (Lindsay) fashion we stretched out his birthday celebrations a whole week! Which secretly gave me more time to *over* plan all of the little details, decor, and food we planned to have at his party. I cut, hot-glued, and baked more in one week than I had in my entire existence..okay probably not true, but it was still a lot and the burns on my fingers can tell a tale! But making the day special with all the little thought out details was just my way of sharing my love with my little nugget, B.

Even though it was a little crazy getting all the decor and food to our location at a nearby park *cough* thank you Geoff!!!!!!!! it was still such a special day with sweet friends who came to help us celebrate B’s 1st birthday. And, let’s be honest, some of the celebration is for Geoff and me making it through our first year of parenting!! and not because B was a difficult baby…I think more for the fact that my ‘4th trimester’ of hormones outlasted the normal ‘allowance’ for spousal sanity. 🙂

Anyyyywho, his birthday party really was special and it meant so much to me to have our PNW friends come out and spend the afternoon with us — quick sentimental side note, I took a small pause after ‘helping’ Brooks open his gifts and just thought “wow, all of these people came out to spend time with us and our little nugget, to shower him with love and gifts” and it really meant so much to me. I talk a lot about missing my family and friends back home that I don’t think I give enough to those here who we’ve grown close with and have been there for us. It’s really amazing and I want to thank each and every one of you for being in our lives. We love you. 🙂

Ok… on to the pics, amiright?!!

We had this one particular spot picked out for the party and when Geoff got there a few hours early to start setting up while B napped and I baked…there was, um, another party going on in that spot! *gasp* Apparently you can reserve these areas for parties?! I swear, y’all, I did my research and even checked for that…but apparently my comprehensive reading score was low that day. 😉 We ended up finding another, more secluded, spot for our shindig and it was perfect.



Ok, a little back story on this…I thought it would be super cute to have a ‘wall’ of white balloons behind the food table as a backdrop. I set the balloons down behind the table to get the rest of the food and decor out of the car and when I came back, this happened. They really give the trees that certain je ne sais quoi…don’t you think?

This is a little sign I made for the bubbles for the kids to play with and take home. It ended up getting bent and looking like doo doo…can’t win ’em, guys.


I’d never made a two-tiered cake, so I dabbled in what little I’d learned from watching Ace of Cakes on the Foot Network! Ha! The icing visually left little to be desired but it was still pretty tasty! The batter tasted a bit like pound cake and the icing was a cream cheese frosting from scratch. I worked on these the day before during the Auburn game. Let’s just say I was slightly distracted and the first batch didn’t go so well. (I forgot about them after the buzzer went off) so back to the store for batch #2 ingredients we (er, Geoff) went! 🙂





UM, just to clarify, Geoff’s smoked pork butt and smoked chicken did not disappoint. It might’ve even been his best!


Another proud dad moment, by Geoff 🙂











So many sweet helpers 🙂





Thank you, again, everyone near and far who made our little B’s first birthday so special!! You are loved!

Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,

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#FBF – Baby Shower Gender Reveal!

Welp, I’m pretty sure the cat’s outta the bag on this one! Not only has the gender been revealed, but the baby is born! Ha! Regardless, I still really wanted to share with y’all this fabulous day spent with friends and family. The beautiful baby shower thrown by my two sisters and best friends back home is definitely worth a bragging post.  They filled my parents’ home with so much love and creativity I can’t help but show them off with my readers!

While trying not to be too much of a Momzilla during all the prepping I did have a little input in the shower since the gender reveal was a secret to most of the party. I love being creative and couldn’t help myself to add my own little flare of fun into the shower with the reveal.

To do this, I made (*the best cupcakes I’ve ever whipped up*) Salted Caramel Cupcakes and filled them with gender-appropriate colored icing. When the guests would bite into the mouth-watering sugary goodness they would reveal the gender of Baby!

To reveal the name of Baby Cott I made little individual letters to spell out the name and attached them below on the wrappers of random cupcakes. Those who chose the lettered cupcakes would then get together and unscramble the letters to reveal the name chosen for our first baby-to-be.

Before consumption of cupcakes and Baby gender was revealed I wanted to create a little game for the attendees with a gender guessing game. I cut out little pieces of card stock paper, one in a blue design and one in pink. I then set up two labeled jars for guests to place their vote. After the gender was revealed I pulled out one lucky winner from the jar and gave them a fun little girly box filled with a gift card to Ulta along with some nail polish and colorful emery boards as an added Thank You for coming!

Last but certainly not least there were the food and gifts! The spread was divine and decor even sweeter. I even heard someone say it looked straight out of a Food Network article….great job ladies!! Who’s ready to start a side event planning biz? 😉

Everybody needs a little Nipple Butter in their life…

One of my most cherished gifts, this handmade quilt for little B from his MiMi.

These pictures don’t even do the day justice. It was so surreal opening gifts for our coming bundle of joy, and surrounded by so much love was the icing on the (cup)cake. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to Brooks’ shower and for all the sweetness you fill our lives with. He really is such a blessed little baby to have all the love and care given by each of you.

Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,

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DIY Spotted Cowhide Rug

During the holidays I was bound and determined to start on a partial one room makeover in our kitchen.  Because it’s a rental we can’t do much to the cosmetics of the home (ya know, like tear down walls, rip up floors, knock out cabinets…the little things), so I revert to my basic need to make our house a home with small DIY and decor changes here and there. I started small by getting rid of a few things I no longer needed (or liked!) and redesigned some furniture we already had.  One of those being our Saarinen-inspired table I gave a fresh new (marbled) new look to! (Reveal on that coming soon!) I also finally completed my thrift store chairs with new glossy paint and some beautiful greek key fabric.

To ground all these projects together I wanted a new rug in the space. Unfortunately all the rugs I’ve been eyeing have been slightly over our ‘kitchen makeover’ funds…and by kitchen makeover funds I mean we have none. 🙂 With living in WA, the constant rain and two pups who love our backyard investing in a nice rug for the kitchen isn’t a wise purchase for our current lifestyle. So off to my creative planning I went and thought of this idea for a DIY spotted faux cowhide rug.

I got the idea to use a large drop cloth as my rug from blogger Gorgeous Shiny Things. So with her tutorial I was inspired to make my own. I love love all the different styles, colors, and prints of the animal hides right now. I love them layered, solo, upside down, and right side up…they can do no wrong in my eyes. So using the size and shape of my current cowhide I laid out my drop cloth and started tracing.

After a few free-handed tweaks I was happy with the shape and gave it a good ironing. The lazy voice in my head screamed…no one will even notice! While the OCD in me screamed and won. *sigh* ok, iron I did. I laid down my plastic painter’s sheet under the new ‘cowhide’ before I began my painting process. I used some leftover glossy black (oil based) paint I had left over from another project and two different sized foam rounds to create my spots.

After a few hours of dipping and dotting and about a day of dry time our new rug was ready for her new home! I really like how it came out! and not to mention the overall ease and low cost!

Drop cloth – $10.98
Paint – already owned
Craft supplies – already owned

Total – a whopping $10.98 (easy math, huh??)

(My ‘after’ pictures are actually taken from my Christmas post…the full before and after will be posted soon)

I love the contrast the rug gives to the white table & chairs combo. I really wanted to open the (tiny) room up a bit with neutrals and whites, so by keeping the rug it’s natural ‘drop cloth’ shade I was able to accomplish a brighter appeal to the dining nook. Granted, it doesn’t have the soft cushion of a ‘real’ rug, the visual effects it offers me will do just fine for now. 🙂

I can’t wait to show you the before and after on the chairs and table for an eventual overall room before and after reveal!

Thanks for reading and y’all have a wonderful weekend!

Lemons to Love,

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Find out what it means to me)

That’s exactly what I have for all bloggers, web designers, and graphic design peeps out there. I’ve been channeling my inner nerd the last few days working on this new look for my blog.  LtL has almost hit the one year mark for posting, sharing, tweaking and learning so I really wanted to give her a fresh, new easy-to-read facelift. I’ve learned so much (& yet so little) over the last year from other fabulous bloggers who’ve inspired me to put on my big girl blogger bloomers and add some new bells and whistles to the site.

My most favorite addition to LtL so far are the social media tabs! Check ’em out…aren’t they the cutest?? I found a super helpful tutorial from blogger Every Little Polish for step-by-step instructions on how to add these pretty lil’ gals onto my blog. She even shared her watercolor design of the social media icons for others to use! (Thanks Every Little Polish!) 
Now, all you have to do is click away and it will link you directly to all my social media sites. Whoop! Whoop! NERD ALERT! Have I mentioned this was a really exciting addition for me? I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, but web coding/editing/HTML-ing is not something I am typically familiar with. So after a few tons of hours sitting in front of the computer it finally all came together. Let me tell you, getting those little buggers added to this page was one of my bigger accomplishments of 2o14. 
Ok, ok quick your snickering and go check out all my social media sites! 
I’d love to hear what you think about the new blog design…hopefully it’s ‘cleanliness’ allows for better reading and navigating.  And if you have any tips for this newbie coder/web designer *er* blogger please share in a comment below.  Over the next few weeks I’ll still be working on a few of the graphics for LtL so bare with me through the ‘construction phase’.
See you on my other sites and please share with your friends! 🙂
Thanks for stopping by.

Lemons to Love,

Merry Christmas, from me to you!

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope you are enjoying this joyful day with family and loved ones…in this season of love and giving, sharing in whatever traditions bring you happiness!

I wanted to share a quick post with you on a few Christmas preparations I’ve been working on for our guests tonight.
I’ve been frantically working on a partial one room makeover the last few weeks and have almost completed all my little projects. Even though it’s not a very large space, there are so many little pieces that have to come together to make it the ‘whole’ look I envision…in all my DIY projects and preparations I have grown to a new level of appreciation for those who have worked on other room (or home) make overs! Whew! It’s a task I tell ya! But oh-so-worth-it in the end.
Our dining area was just screaming for a little facelift, heck, even a light mud mask would do! So I dreamt of fabrics, patterns and paint, and what DIY skills I could pull out of my bag. On my wish list were the Dining Chairs, Dining Table, DIY cowhide rug, and DIY roman shade (coming soon). I’ll be sharing each project and it’s progress in their posts later on, but for now I wanted to share with you my Christmas decor and tablescape for our dinner guests! Last week I posted my No Mantle, No Problem solution and here’s what I’ve been working on since then…

A little Christmas vignette with my DIY Nate Berkus tray, vintage gold glassware, and DIY deer silhouette (post coming soon!)

I was able to use these vintage Christmas dishes and some crystal glassware I’ve collected, but the main show is my grandmother’s wedding china…after losing her this year it really means a lot to have a piece of her in our Christmas feasting and festivities.

(Spotted: my DIY cowhide project!)

Isn’t the gold greek key fabric to die for??! They were a last minute project purchase after a BIG fat fabric fail from an online order! Guess everything works out just as it should 🙂 I’ll be posting a before and after of these golden goddesses later on!

Sweet baby Jesus…all 8 lbs 6 oz (*shameless movie quote*)

Cheers! From our home to yours.

“Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be for all people. For to you is born, this day in the city of David, a Savior Who is Christ, the Lord.” – Luke 2:10-11
Joy to the world…The Lord is come!
Lemons to Love,
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No mantle? No problem!

While thoughts of gum drops may dance in your head, a beautiful wood-burning fireplace and a mantle to hang our stockings dance in mine. But that dream comes with time and for now I will get to the creative board and find another way! I got these classic red velvet stockings from Pottery Barn right after Geoff and I married, but they’ve never really had a good place to call home during the holidays. So this year I made a point to find a an alternative way to hang these beauties…mantle or not!  While out thrifting I came across these mounted deer antlers and knew immediately I had found our sweet stockings a place to call home.  Deer antlers are all the rave, especially during the holiday season, so I eagerly jumped on board when I saw them. (Who knew taxidermy would be so trendy?? My grandfather would be so proud:)

I’ve also had this large frame I scored at a local Goodwill sitting in our garage waiting to be used…I had to talk Geoff out of throwing it in the garbage on multiple occasions.  I just knew I would find a good use for it, and along came Christmas!

I spray painted both of them black, hung them with care, and gave our red stockings a new home for our Cottrill Christmas affair!

No mantle? No problem…

And there ya’ have it folks! What kinds of creative ways do you hang your stockings for Christmas?
Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing!
Lemons to Love,
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Let’s catch up!

Dear Blogger,

Hello old friend.  It’s been awhile and you have been neglected, and I am sorry for that.  But I think you’ll be happy to hear my 101 excuses reasons for my mini-hiatus! Aside from the usual pile up with school, all of my furniture redesigns have sold, I’ve received my first custom order from a client, and…wait for it…I’ve opened up an Etsy store and sold my very first piece!! (WHAAAT?!!) I still really can’t believe it. “If you build it they will come.” Well, they have come and I am humbled, grateful, and slightly overwhelmed with all the good news! I opened the Etsy shop a few weeks ago with the intent of just getting my feet wet and putting together all the business pieces before officially launching it via social media. Before I knew it (and was ready to be honest) I sold most of my pieces locally and the very last piece waiting for a good home was sold on Etsy!

My friends, if that’s not enough exciting news for one day, Geoff and I have decided to pack our bags and head to the South for the one and only Iron Bowl game! (my head is still spinning from the idea!) If you remember a few posts back on Transition into Thanksgiving I wrote about my excitement and planning for our friendly feasting for Thanksgiving! I was so pumped to get my creative on, put together a tablescape, cook up a bountiful meal, and host a few of our friends over. But after last week’s Auburn game against those Georgia Bulldogs we grew some spontaneity and booked the tickets to our home away from home…Auburn, AL.

So you know what that means, we have some catching up to do when I get back from our family-football-Thanksgiving celebration (with hopefully even more to celebrate!) I’ll share with you some more about my new (and still improving) Etsy shop, our spontaneous trip to the South, some custom orders I’ll be working on, and my plans for a Christmas creation room makeover! (Aaaah! I can hardly wait!)

From our home to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones you love. This year I’m reminded of how blessed I am with such loving friends, a supportive family, encouraging husband, and readers like you who keep me coming back for more!

Thanks for reading and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Lemons to Love


Transition into Thanksgiving

This time last year I was eagerly awaiting for Geoff’s return and our first Thanksgiving together.  It was just going to be the two of us, but I prepped, planned, baked, and decorated for the Brady Bunch to show up. I love the holidays…they instantly give me a sense of family, love, and joy, and being that Geoff was my new family I wanted to start our own traditions together (even if we weren’t hosting 20 people for dinner)! It made me feel closer to home and to the rest of my family by putting special thought and details into our Thanksgiving meal and tablescape. (If you build it, they the feeling will come!)

So for today’s post, I wanted to share with you the details that went into our romantic table for two (and secretly hope for creative juices to start flowing for this year’s table! I have no idea what direction I want to go in and we actually have guests this year!) Hallelujah! I love hosting get togethers!

An intimate table for two…

The menu was designed and printed on Word…I loved coming up with each menu item description! After typing up the menu and choosing a font I just printed it out on ‘fancy’ card stock paper I had left over from Our Wedding DIY projects.

I also printed out our own place setting (you know, so we’d know where ‘everyone’ was sitting) 😉 I used the same ‘fancy’ card stock from the menus and cut a small divot in some wine corks and voila!

(This also gave me the perfect excuse to use some of our wedding china…Halla!) We already had these gorgeous glass candle sticks from Pottery Barn to add height, dimension, and soft candle light to the table. I topped the soft white table runner with (another) Mother Nature’s own maple leaves and small votive candles throughout.

The spread…
As you can see from the menu, we had quite the feast for two! I just couldn’t help myself from making some of my favorite Southern traditions for our first Thanksgiving together. I’m pretty sure most of them will be making their way back on a comeback tour to the Cott’s Thanksgiving table this year! and the dessert…well, I might just have to post the recipe for the that one! It was brand new for us both last year and quickly became a favorite sweet treat to repeat.

Bon appétit!

And there ya’ have it folks! Pretty simple really, it only took a little time, creativity, and ink to make this Thanksgiving feast come to life! Now I’m off to start prepping for our turkey trotters and friendly feasters…I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here! What plans do you have this year for your Thanksgiving get together?

Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,
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A walk down memory lane with wedding DIYs

As I continue on my anniversary and birthday high I wanted to share a few of my favorite DIY projects from our wedding.  For those of you who don’t know, we were engaged and married in less then 3 months! We really wanted to share our vows and become Mr. and Mrs. before Geoff deployed for 12 months to Afghanistan…so off to the planning board we went! You’d think that 3 months hardly seems like enough time to ‘throw’ together a dream wedding, but with the help of my family and God’s perfect timing everything came together more beautifully then I could have even prayed for.

Along with the planning came some creativity and DIY projects I really loved designing and crafting together.  Thankfully I had the help and vision of my talented florist, photographer and venue coordinator to help my projects come alive! I really wanted to have special mementoes and pieces incorporated into our wedding ceremony and reception. Not only did I want the day to be special for us and our guests, but I wanted to know I had taken special care to add personal touches of my own.

Since Geoff and I met that one special night (cough) at a bar watching our Auburn Tigers continue their winning streak and onto a National Championship, I wanted to tie in subtleties of our school into our big day. We decided to start with soft tones of orange, coral, navy and white into our bridal party, flowers, and decor. I didn’t want it to scream Auburn, but I wanted the idea of how we met to incorporate the day we said ‘I do’.

Our bridal party –

The Bridesmaids – To tie in the ‘orange’ my bridesmaids and I chose this eye-catching coral color.

The Groomsmen – The groomsmen were suited well in a classic navy blazer and dress slacks, with coordinating ties chosen by the Groom.

Bridesmaids gift – DIY pearl necklace

I wanted to do something special and creative to show these girls how much I love them, and how much it meant that they were spending this day with Geoff and me. The day wouldn’t have been as full of love and joy without them there to celebrate with us. So, with the help of my groom, I strung together this custom pearl necklace for all the Bridesmaids and flower girls in our wedding party. I’m no professional jewelry maker, by any means, but I think we managed to pull off a wearable accessory for the ladies. 🙂

Lots of pearls! With a few discount codes and coupons I was able to score enough pearls in varying sizes from Michaels (Hobby Lobby also has a good selection)
Flexible beading wire
Lobster claw clasp
Crimp beads
Jewelry pliers (I just used regular Needle-Nose pliers)
Wire cutters

The flowers – Arlene’s Designs in Jacksonville, FL

Arlene and her team were absolutely amazing! She patiently (and quickly) designed a room with me at the beautiful San Jose Country Club. Together we chose the floral arrangements, center pieces, table settings, linens, lighting, and custom ceiling drapes to make the room a romantic oasis that was ready for a party!

The shoes and jewelry –

This was such a remarkable and noteworthy gesture from a dear friend, Sharlie, who’s husband allowed me to wear this stunning necklace and earrings just for my wedding day.  It meant so much to me and really added that extra sparkle. Special thanks to Sharlie and Brad at Harby Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL!! and what girl doesn’t love some French footwear from Christian Louboutin??! Unfortunately, he’s a little pricey for this bride’s budget so I was able to score these knock-offs to strut around in under my lacy gown.

The signature drink for cocktail hour – Tiger Tini

The head bartender at San Jose Country Club met with my mom and I to help us create this delicious drink for guests to enjoy during the cocktail hour…we called it the Tiger Tini (naturally).

DIY cocktail stirs –

Martha Stewart 1″ and 2″ circle paper punch
Card stock
Avery 1″ round labels
Craft sticks

DIY curly willow branches and family table –

To get to where we are, I wanted to remember where we came from so I created this family table for guests to enjoy pictures of our families and loved ones.

DIY table numbers –

I wanted our guests to be a part of our love for Auburn and how we met, so I created each table number with a memorable location, street name or land mark around Auburn’s campus. Table 1 was set up family style and name ‘The Bucketshop’ for the Auburn bar where we met.

Materials –
Decorative double-sided card stock

Grooms cake – Tasty Toilet Paper Rolls!

As the southern tradition goes, the grooms cake is incorporated into the reception as a unique addition for the groom to feel especially loved.  Again, tieing in our love for Auburn, I wanted to surprise Geoff with something special, so I scoured the web for inspiration, sketched out a few ideas and came up with these ‘tasty toilet paper rolls’! It’s a play off our beloved Auburn Toomer’s Trees and the ‘rolling Toomer’s’ tradition that began decades ago. {We even had this bush potted, decorated, and trimmed to look like the Toomer’s Oaks by our Photographer Theresa Child!}

The late night snack – AU grilled-cheese

We wanted our guests to leave feeling full of happy times and good food, so before our send off we passed around these custom-made AU grilled cheeses for them to enjoy! My mom already had this AU cookie cutter and the chefs at San Jose were happy to cook these up and cut them out for us!

The send off – AU shakers

What other way to have a send off then for our guests to shake these authentic J&M Bookstore orange and blue shakers over the Mr. and Mrs.?! It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

11/05/11 was such a special day. I loved creating these memorable DIY projects…and all of this was done in less then 3 months! Who says you need a year to plan for your big day, ey?? All you need is a little love, support, and creative DIYs to get your through it and enjoy the process. 🙂

Thanks for reading and sharing these special mementoes and DIYs with me from our special day!

Lemons to Love,
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Fall Vignettes and Tablescapes

Fall is my most favorite time of year! It reminds me of family and friends, pumpkins and pies, and cold weather with cute fashion. I also love bringing in the warm tones of the autumn season into my home.  With as chilly and gloomy as the Pacific Northwest can get this time of year, it’s especially important to me to create a cozy home decor for a welcoming place to relax and enjoy.

When I was inspired by the Mother Nature is a Natural elements, I knew I wanted to create a tablescape and vignette around the natural tones and foliage found right outside my door.

 I was able to pick out some cute mini-pumpkins from a local farmer’s market trip I took with the kiddos I nanny for.  I also scored some gold candle sticks on clearance at Target to pair with some vintage brass candle sticks I already own. I love the trend right now with painted pumpkins, but I was feeling more ‘el naturale’ with my arrangements and wanted to keep them as is. In my tablescape I used Gold Painted Acorns to surround my little pumpkins and candle sticks of varying heights. To tie all of my natural elements and tones together I just cut two yards of burlap and fringed the edges to make a runner down the center of the table.

In my Fall Vignette I was able to showcase my Nate Berkus Hack Marble Tray with a few of my favorite vintage tumblers I bought from a local thrift store.  This vignette also gave home to my DIY Framed Gold Leaf, vintage crochet doily, and framed botanical print.

Here is a small tour of our Fall decor around the home…enjoy!

Have a beautiful Fall weekend y’all and thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,
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Mother Nature is a Natural – DIY Fall Decor

That Mother Nature, she’s so unappreciated with her natural beauty and ageless style, especially during the Spring and Fall seasons. I love the Fall! I think it’s my favorite time of year.  I love all the color changes of the trees, the crisp autumn air, college football, (my birthday!), and yummy Fall recipes for get-togethers and family dinners!

In September, when Fall first began to creep it’s way into the Pacific Northwest, I started noticing little bits of beauty Mother Nature was sharing.  With the trees being SO much bigger here then the South, I noticed how much gargantuan bigger the leaves and acorns were! I mean, we’re talkin’ half-dollar sized acorns and palm-sized leaves! (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration on the leaves…but you get the picture) When I saw how large and in charge these natural beauties were I wanted to incorporate them into my Fall tablescape, but with a little extra pizzaz!

So, out came the spray paint. 🙂

Gold Painted Acorns


* Acorns (free, from your local Mother Nature store)

* Gold spray paint (I already had a can from an old project, but you can find these at your local craft or hardware store)

For the first project, I laid out the acorns on a flat surface. I used an old canvas flipped over so the edges would keep the acorns from falling all over the place. You can use anything to corral the ‘corns and allow them to dry. I gave them two good coats of Valspar Metallic Gold spray paint and was all done!

Framed Gold Leaf


* A leaf 🙂 (I’ve seen other projects similar that have used different types and sizes of leaves found in their area…so really anything you like, you frame!)

* Gold spray paint

* 8 x 10 floating frame (I got mine at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon, total cost $4.99)

This project was just as quick and easy as the gold painted acorns! The leaf only needed one coat of paint, so after allowing a few minutes for dry time, I slipped it into the 8 x 10 floating frame and mission completion!
*Side note, I noticed after I brought the leaf home that it started to curl up a bit, so I pressed it under a book for about an hour. This seemed to do the trick to keep it’s desired natural shape.

I really love the how the natural elements give that cozy, warmth of the Fall for my tablescape and Fall vignette.  With a little added punch of gold paint, they were meant to be a part of my home decor! More pics to come in my Vignette post later this week.

I hope you like them as much as I do! What sort of fall decor and crafts have you inspired in your home? I love to see how different people’s style and interpretation turn into the spirit and love of the holidays.

Happy crafting!

Lemons to Love,
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Sorry Nate, you’ve been hacked

How To: knock off Nate Berkus in 4 easy steps…

But first, I’ll start with a back story (what? a back story…just get to the How To part already!). Sorry, I’m feeling a bit long-winded today. 🙂

So, I am pretty much loving everything that handsome Nate Berkus puts out in his Target collection! He is so on point with the trends of the seasons and makes style looks so effortless.  I’m loving the chic warmth of his new Fall collection.  But even though his line of home decor is price to sell at Target, that doesn’t always mean it’s priced to buy from my wallet.

Ahh, inspiration at it’s finest….in steps my Nate Berkus DIY Tray Hack.

A while back I picked up this white ceramic dish, soon-to-be-tray at a local thrift store. When I saw it I immediately thought of these Marble Print trays of Nate’s (yeah, first name basis at this point) I’ve been eyeing. So, with a few materials lying around the house, I decided to give it a DIY go at it!

Materials needed:
* Anything resembling the shape of this lovely tray. I got lucky with my heavy ceramic white dish, but it can be any material and color (nothing a little white spray paint can’t fix!)
* Black Sharpie permanent marker
* Tape (I used painter’s tape I had lying around)
* An oven
I have to be honest, I first tried to ‘free hand’ the pattern onto the tray, but realized after a few sections that I wasn’t free-handing so successfully. So in came the painter’s tape.  I used this to guide my pattern a bit more evenly throughout.  As I drew on the geometric shapes I tried to keep to a 3s, 4s, and 5s pattern…using Nate’s Marble Print as inspiration.
Once I was done drawing my geometric patterns, I carefully peeled off the tape and placed the tray in the oven.  I’ve read on different sites that cooking the tray for 30 minutes at 350 will help set the permanent marker.  After an anticipated 30 minutes went by I pulled out my tray with utter excitement! I let it cool over night, then sealed the tray with a light coat of Crystal Clear Enamel spray paint to give it a glossy protective finish. (I emphasized a light coat as I was careful not to overspray or cause drips). 

I really like how it came out (& how easy it was!). I’ve added it to my Fall Vignette as a ‘catch all’ for my vintage cocktail tumblers and other ‘barcessories’. 
I’ll be posting some pics of my Fall decor and Vignette later this week! Come back for a visit and as always, thanks for reading!
Lemons to Love,
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