My Amazon Prime Day Favorites

Hey friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here on Lemons to Love, but it is not from a lack of writing. I’ve been busy behind the scenes creating a whole new LtL site with some very talented and creative people here in Nashville. I’ve kept my posts to a (very) minimum and saving them up for the official launch, coming soon! But today seemed like the perfect reason to come out of blog hiding, because it’s AMAZON PRIME DAY! This is one of Amazon’s BIGGEST sale days, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can score BIG on your favorite items. I’ve gathered a list of some of my favorites for you and categorized them into groups for easy finding.

Amazon Prime, simply put, has made our lives so much easier. Sometimes I feel like I’m one click away from ordering the Buy Buttons for our home. ๐Ÿ˜‚ย (I’m not joking) ย For less than $15 / month I can get simple, everyday items delivered to my door in less time it would take me to plan a trip to the store. This is not sponsored, I just really love Amazon Prime that much! Haha

Below are some of my favorites, repeats, things I didn’t know I needed items from the Amazon Prime Day where you can score BIG on deals from July 15-16th. I’ve broken them down into categories to hopefully organize it for y’all to find what you need. Let me know if you have any questions and happy shopping!

Amazon Fashion

CRZ Women’s Yoga Naked Feeling High-Waisted Leggings – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, THESE ARE THE BEST DUPES for Lulu leggings. They have the side pocket that’s great for holding your phone while you’re working out or running errands. I have these in the long length, cropped and in the shorts. They truly are high-waisted, comfortable and ‘hold everything in’ without constantly pulling them up. I love them. I’m a fan. I have them in these colors and lengths here and here too.

Amazon Prime Day Favorites

BAGGU Travel Cloud Bag – This lightweight nylon packable tote is my new favorite summer staple. I used it everyday at the lake, at the pool, to the gym, on the go. It’s so roomie, multiple smaller pockets and perfect for days at the pool or beach. It’s lightweight and can hold all your sunscreen needs, multiple towels, change of clothes and small zipper pouches for personal belongings (tried and tested).

Stackable Sunglass Organizers – These eyeglass organizers by mDesign have been so helpful in keeping my sunglass collection in order! I’ve even turned a few friends on to them who love them equally. They’re easy to store under the seat of your car, in your closet or mudroom for quick out-the-door sunglass style.

Men’s ‘The Perfect Crew Neck’ T Shirt – I love a good oversized men’s shirt! These shirts are so soft and the perfect basic lounge around tee. I size up for that oversized fit and bought them in heather grey and white!

Amazon Tech

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone – This is a great dupe for the Apple Battery Case. It’s more affordable and does the exact same thing. I keep one in my car for the days I’m not paying attention to my battery and head out to the gym, a photo shoot or run errands and get in a bind of low battery.

Kid-Friendly Walkie Talkies – Y’all may have seen on my Instagram stories the ‘pom pom jar’ we are using for Brooks for positive behavior reinforcements. In a nutshell, I got tired of always being a gremlin mom and wanted to switch it up and focus on the positives and encourage the good behavior. In came the Pom Pom Jar and his Bucket of Prizes. He filled his Pom Pom Jar and got to pick out a prize and the walkie talkies were it. They’ve been awesome! We took them to the lake for him to play with his cousins. They take AA batteries and can ‘go the distance’ of fun.

LaCie Portable External Hard Drive – If you’re like me and take a TON of photos on your phone and don’t want to store them all on your cloud or computer, this external hard drive is for you. I started backing up a few years ago and maybe once a year I organize all my photos from my phone onto my LaCie external hard drive. If any of your electronics have ever crashed without backing up you know the pain you feel without one of these to have your back!

Mophie Portable Phone Charger – If you travel, can’t get near an outlet, on the beach or in your home without a long enough cord this portable charger is for you. It’s perfect for travel or when you need an extra jolt of energy and aren’t near an outlet. These things are so awesome and definitely on the list of ‘things I didn’t know I needed.’

Amazon Home and Kitchen

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Ok, I know I keep saying everything is AMAZING but this is my Amazon Prime Day Favorites post! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย But this little handheld vacuum packs a punch of suction like a large vacuum. It lives up to its hype, is 100% worth the cost and can literally do anything. I love using one attachment for the crevices in my car, another attachment for our couch, and the other for quick clean up on the floor or baseboards. If you don’t get anything but this consider your shopping list complete. This one is on MAJOR sale right now and I’ve heard nothing but raves on it.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Bundle with Milk Frother – This has been a daily game changer. We’ve been through a coffee machine or two and this one will be my last. I look forward to using it in the mornings because it’s so easy to use and clean. There’s essentially no clean up for the coffee portion of the machine. The only part you need to clean daily is the milk frother, assuming you use it. It makes delicious, creamy frothy espressos and has tons of flavors and roast pods to choose from. This link comes with a set to get you started and then I ordered this set to refill! I have a similar set of glass coffee mugs from Crate and Barrel I love, but just found this set of 4 for much cheaper. ๐Ÿคช

Hydro Flask 40 oz Water Bottle – These are the best water bottles ever invented! I love the bigger ones because that means less trips to filling it up during the day. I try to drink at least 3 of these a day and take them with me everywhere. They also make these protective silicone sleeves to go on the bottom of them so they don’t clank on counter tops and if you drop them they don’t get dinged up. I’ve dropped mine manyyy times pre-sleeve and it’s a bummer on a brand new Hydro Flask.

Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker – I’ve had the same waffle maker for about 7+ years now and the temperature dial was acting up, so I splurged for the Cuisinart double Belgian waffle maker. It’s a tradition of ours to have either pancakes or waffles on the weekends and this double maker was a double win for this waffle maker! If you’re not in the market for a double maker, this one is 60% off right now with Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day Favorites

Luxury White Bath Towels Hotel Spa Collection – We haven’t gotten new towels since our wedding registry almost 8 years ago, so when blogger Lisa of Salty Lashes recommended them, I ordered them. With free shipping and a set of 4 under $45 I thought ‘what do I have to lose?’ Nothing. They’re awesome and I’m so happy we have fresh white towels now!

The Perfect Coffee Table Books – With the progress of the interior in our home I’ve been focusing on the smaller details that add a combination of style and personality to our living spaces. I’m a sucker for coffee table books. I think they look cool, add personal style and with every one I’ve purchased I imagine our guests casually looking through in the comfort of our home. In reality I’ve sat and gone through them for creative inspiration, but at least someone’s looking through them, right?? I really loveย this one, this one, this one and this one.

Amazon Beauty

Hot Mama! Blush (NARS Orgasm Blush Dupe) – This has become my go-to blush for day or night! It’s a perfect summer and transition into fall shade that looks so natural. This will definitely be on my reorder list soon!

Weleda Skin Food Nourishing Cream – I love this cream! It’s said to be a good dupe for La Mer moisturizing cream. I can’t confirm that, but I do love it on my hands and drier areas like elbows and feet!

Face Halo Makeup Remover Cloth Pad, set of 3 – I’ve shared a similar product here, called the Makeup Eraser and both are an essential part of my daily face cleaning routine. I traveled once without them #neveragain. I bought this set because my aesthetician has them haha but I like them equally to the Makeup Eraser. I like having multiple on hand because after two uses I wash them. I usually use myย makeup remover balm, then my Face Halo, then wash with my face cleanser. All you do is add water to the cloth and it removes your makeup. That’s it. Promise. Guaranteed game changer in your daily cleansing routine.

The BEST Facial Cotton Squares You’ll Ever Need – These are repeat purchases I found from beauty blogger The BeYouty Bureau. They are so dang soft and you just can’t beat the price or quantity. They’re just simply the best. Trust me. Not all cotton squares or rounds are created equal.

CosRX Acne Patches – I’ve talked about these before on this post, and they are reorders for this house. They are these little magical pimple patches that help your blemishes heal while you sleep (or hang around the house). After you’ve extracted the blemish, place one of these patches over the spot and let it sit for at least a few hours. When you pull it off you actually see the remaining ‘stuff’ from the blemish. Cuts the healing time down considerably!

Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Protection SPF 50 Moisturizer – I’ve tried a number of daily moisturizers over the years. Some with SPF some without and this is my current favorite and reorder. Other daily SPF moisturizers don’t go on well or feel too oily to go under my makeup. I love this because it still feels light while protecting my skin from harmful UV rays throughout the day. I also loves the way that it smells, side bonus.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – This is another cult favorite and reorder for me! I love these little lip tubs so much. I have one in my purse, one for my car and one in my bedside table. There’s just no other lip balm, chapstick, or lip moisturizer that comes close to these moisturizing gems. They are worth the money and last what seems like forever! They now sell them in a lip balm too!

Makeup Brush Cleaner – I’ve tried a number of cult favorites from leading beauty companies and this is just by far better. Did you know we’re supposed to clean our brushes at least once a week?! I did not, until I got this cleaner. The amount of crap that comes off is so gross. haha All you do is dip your brush in a small amount of the solution and swipe your brush on a clean cloth a few times until the makeup no longer shows coming off. It’s the quickest and cleanest way I’ve ever cleaned my brushes!

Amazon Travel

Travel Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer – I got this a few years ago and love it! You can move the pieces around to customize the spacing you need for your makeup and products. There’s a special places just for your brushes to keep them from getting crushed that I really love.

Jewelry Travel Organizer Bag – I love this thing! I use it every time I travel. It keeps my necklaces from tangling, my rings organized and out where I can see them and even has great place to keep earrings! It folds up small, plus it’s cute. ๐Ÿ˜

Conair Hand Held Fabric Steamer – I have actually traveled with this a number of times and it has come in hand every single time. I love it when I’m traveling for a special occasion and have dresses, blouses or blazers that need some wrinkles knocked out.

Portable White Noise Sound Machine – We travel with this for Brooks and it’s the BEST! It’s the baby version of the this amazing home version (we also own). Don’t let the size fool you, it’s just a good. We took it to the lake the other week to use for Brooks, but since we also brought his other one I ended up using it and fell (asleep) hard for it. See what I did there. ๐Ÿคช

Whew! What a list! That’s actually not ever all my favorites but I feel confident that I’ve provided y’all with a great list to save on today and tomorrow’s Amazon Prime Day sales! IF you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask or leave a comment below! For more posts on Amazon favorites or skincare products you can visit here and here.

Thanks so much for reading and hanging in there as a loyal LtL reader! I really can’t wait to share with y’all all that I’ve been working on with the new site! It feels new, fresh and a bit more me in this season of life. After 7+ years of blogging I’ve done a lot of learning and growing and I feel this new site reflects that about me.

Lemons to Love,


*Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but please know the above links are affiliate links. What that means is, if you see something you like and buy it I get a small percentage of that purchase. The prices are no different and I am not getting paid to write this post. These are my personal thoughts and opinions to which I am sharing products that I’ve loved and have made my life a little easier. If you end up seeing something you love too and purchasing it, THANK YOU for your support!


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