Things I’m Loving: March Beauty Buys

Hey friends! Today on LtL I’m sharing with ya’ll another ‘ThingS I’m Loving” post for all my March beauty buys. I’m going through new products I’ve tried, replaced my empties and share more drugstore dupes I’m loving!

Ok these pictures might make appear as if this post is sponsored by Kristin Ess (a girl can dream), but I have personally purchased all of these recently to see if I loved them! Target is always getting fun new brands in stores and most of the time they are worth the ‘drugstore dupe’ quality and price point!

A few of my other favorite places to purchase beauty products are Amazon and Sephora. Quick poll: are you a Sephora fan or Ulta ride or die? I feel like most people tend to stick to one or the other consistently for their beauty purchases. Personally, I mostly favor Sephora. I feel like they have more options and I love their rewards program. Which do you prefer?

Another go-to place to purchase beauty and skincare products is Amazon. Amazon has really stepped their game up over the years with what they offer. With the convenience of Amazon Prime #fagettaboutit and two day free shipping. Sold.

March Beauty Buys

Ok getting right to it here are some of my favorite March beauty buys, tries, and repeats.

Kristen Ess Cream: I am loving this cream! For my thick, coarse wavy hair it’s hard to find the ‘perfect’ leave in styling cream. I have a few favorites and this Kristen Ess styling Cream has been added. Edit: I’m two months in to using this and still loving it as one of my favorites!

Tan Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Drops: If you don’t know, you need to. Tan Luxe is so.dang.good! I use it (almost) everyday. Just a few (2-3) drops into my daytime moisturizer, apply to face before your normal makeup routine and off you go! If gives you that perfect warm glow of a day in the sun, without the UV rays. Remember to apply the same you would with any tanning lotion, evenly over skin and wash your hands after application!

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask: I read some hype on this sleeping mask from other bloggers and online, but after a few weeks of use I’m left a bit underwhelmed. It’s not terrible, I just don’t t think it my other sleep masks like the Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask and the Laneige Lip Mask.


More beauty favorites

Obagi Retinol Cream 1.0: This was a great beauty rec from one of my best friends and find from . For those who don’t know the benefits of retinol or the difference between retinal and retin-a (like I didn’t)

MakeUp Eraser: Y’all. This thing should be called the Magic MakeUp Eraser. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this before but it hands down lives up to the hype. I don’t know what kinda magic stuff they’re makin’ this thing with, but it actually takes all your makeup off…with just water. Seriously, just add water. I went out of town a few weeks ago and realized how much I need this little cloth in my daily life. In just a few swipes of the face and eyes (waterproof mascara excluded) this magic cloth will replace your makeup remover.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: This is a cult favorite. To be honest, I had my doubts…like what’s great about a li

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout:


Totally unrelated to beauty

This past weekend we drove down to Florida to our family lake house for some ‘sweat equity’ as my dad likes to call it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last year when hurricane Michael went through the Florida panhandle our lake was hit. Thankfully we didn’t get the worst of it, since our house is still standing with minimal water damage and cosmetic fixes. There are a lot of trees down and our dock is gone, but there were so many homes with much more devastation, I’m thankful for the home we still have!

This weekend we’re heading out with some friends to watch Auburn basketball play in the Final Four! OH. MY. GOSH! I’ve never been a huge basketball fan, but it’s been so fun to watch the Auburn men’s basketball team play during March madness and see them break so many school records! My parents are flying up to Minneapolis for the tournament, which sounds like SO much fun and I’m kinda jelly but will live vicariously through them.

We’ve had a few more projects and updates in the house the last few weeks. It’s been so much fun decorating and making sm


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