Norpoint Splash Pad

As we creep closer and closer to Fall, I refuse to accept the inevitable that our warm and sunny days here in the PNW are nearing an end, soย I’ve recruited my friends along for the denial train ride. #allaboard! For this week’s PNW wonderland tourย I met a girlfriend of mine who lives up near Seattle for a beat-the-heat splash pad play date. You might remember her from our play date to Titlow Park when B was a scrumptious-under-1 crawler! *gasp* He is about to be two, y’all! Enter denial train ride #2, departure time TBD. We originally planned to go to a pool/lazy river/splash pad (I know, sounds awesome right??) but upon arrival were greetedย by the President of Bubble Bursters, Inc who explained we were two hours early for the ‘open swim’ portion of their pool. *buzz kill* So, my obsessed-is-an-understatement toddler who just about jumped in the pool before I could snatch him up immediately broke into a tantrum. *sigh* So, I handed him to Mr. Bubble Burster and politely asked him to explain to B that we couldn’t play in the water. Kidding, y’all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I didn’t. But, I thought about it. Poor guy was nice and just doing his job. So, we packed up our gear and redirected ourselves to another splash pad to startย continue our play date!

We found a nice spot up in Norpoint, where we set up our picnic spot on the grass and let the kids get after it!

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Don’t these summer vibes make you want just aย few more months of warm weather?!

What sort of plans do y’all have before the leaves begin to fall?


Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,



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