Motivation Monday 12.9.13

I’ve been down…but I’m not out!  After slowly recovering from the highs (Auburn’s Iron Bowl win AND SEC Champs) and lows (that dern flu) from the last few weeks, I’m finally on the mend and ready to get back at it! A big thank you to everyone who have sent your ‘get well’ and ‘congrats’ my way…both were mutually appreciated! 🙂

And now that I’m (finally) back and in my blogging bliss what better way to start off this week then with a little Motivation Monday. Today’s motivation comes from a place of hope.  Hope is such a powerful feeling, a blessing really to get us to our many destinations in life.  Without it we are lost, wondering where our place is in this great big world, but with hope we are restored to conquer our dreams one beautifully challenging day at a time.

With the Christmas season quickly approaching and in the spirit of the holidays… I offer hope for you, your dreams, and all your future endeavors. Never stop believing in who you are and what you are made to do. 🙂

Lemons to Love,
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