Out sick

Dear influenza A,

You suck.
Over it.

Well, I know I said I’d have a fun post waiting for y’all after our AMAZING trip to our home away from home, but the day after we returned I was hit with insta-flu! I’ve been quarantined to my bed with fever and the flu since Monday and have (barely) seen the light of day since! Well, actually yesterday was a big day for me because I ‘helped’ Geoff run to the grocery store. With hands in my pockets and keeping my breathing to myself I was over it almost as soon as we left the driveway. 🙂 Back to bed for me!

As soon as this crap bug leaves my system I will be back up and running! I’ve got so many fun and exciting things to share!
Enjoy your weekend (& stay warm! It’s not supposed to get above the 20s for us here!) brrr 
Lemons to Love,

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