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Dear Blogger,

Hello old friend.  It’s been awhile and you have been neglected, and I am sorry for that.  But I think you’ll be happy to hear my 101 excuses reasons for my mini-hiatus! Aside from the usual pile up with school, all of my furniture redesigns have sold, I’ve received my first custom order from a client, and…wait for it…I’ve opened up an Etsy store and sold my very first piece!! (WHAAAT?!!) I still really can’t believe it. “If you build it they will come.” Well, they have come and I am humbled, grateful, and slightly overwhelmed with all the good news! I opened the Etsy shop a few weeks ago with the intent of just getting my feet wet and putting together all the business pieces before officially launching it via social media. Before I knew it (and was ready to be honest) I sold most of my pieces locally and the very last piece waiting for a good home was sold on Etsy!

My friends, if that’s not enough exciting news for one day, Geoff and I have decided to pack our bags and head to the South for the one and only Iron Bowl game! (my head is still spinning from the idea!) If you remember a few posts back on Transition into Thanksgiving I wrote about my excitement and planning for our friendly feasting for Thanksgiving! I was so pumped to get my creative on, put together a tablescape, cook up a bountiful meal, and host a few of our friends over. But after last week’s Auburn game against those Georgia Bulldogs we grew some spontaneity and booked the tickets to our home away from home…Auburn, AL.

So you know what that means, we have some catching up to do when I get back from our family-football-Thanksgiving celebration (with hopefully even more to celebrate!) I’ll share with you some more about my new (and still improving) Etsy shop, our spontaneous trip to the South, some custom orders I’ll be working on, and my plans for a Christmas creation room makeover! (Aaaah! I can hardly wait!)

From our home to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones you love. This year I’m reminded of how blessed I am with such loving friends, a supportive family, encouraging husband, and readers like you who keep me coming back for more!

Thanks for reading and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Lemons to Love



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