Mother Nature is a Natural – DIY Fall Decor

That Mother Nature, she’s so unappreciated with her natural beauty and ageless style, especially during the Spring and Fall seasons. I love the Fall! I think it’s my favorite time of year.  I love all the color changes of the trees, the crisp autumn air, college football, (my birthday!), and yummy Fall recipes for get-togethers and family dinners!

In September, when Fall first began to creep it’s way into the Pacific Northwest, I started noticing little bits of beauty Mother Nature was sharing.  With the trees being SO much bigger here then the South, I noticed how much gargantuan bigger the leaves and acorns were! I mean, we’re talkin’ half-dollar sized acorns and palm-sized leaves! (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration on the leaves…but you get the picture) When I saw how large and in charge these natural beauties were I wanted to incorporate them into my Fall tablescape, but with a little extra pizzaz!

So, out came the spray paint. 🙂

Gold Painted Acorns


* Acorns (free, from your local Mother Nature store)

* Gold spray paint (I already had a can from an old project, but you can find these at your local craft or hardware store)

For the first project, I laid out the acorns on a flat surface. I used an old canvas flipped over so the edges would keep the acorns from falling all over the place. You can use anything to corral the ‘corns and allow them to dry. I gave them two good coats of Valspar Metallic Gold spray paint and was all done!

Framed Gold Leaf


* A leaf 🙂 (I’ve seen other projects similar that have used different types and sizes of leaves found in their area…so really anything you like, you frame!)

* Gold spray paint

* 8 x 10 floating frame (I got mine at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon, total cost $4.99)

This project was just as quick and easy as the gold painted acorns! The leaf only needed one coat of paint, so after allowing a few minutes for dry time, I slipped it into the 8 x 10 floating frame and mission completion!
*Side note, I noticed after I brought the leaf home that it started to curl up a bit, so I pressed it under a book for about an hour. This seemed to do the trick to keep it’s desired natural shape.

I really love the how the natural elements give that cozy, warmth of the Fall for my tablescape and Fall vignette.  With a little added punch of gold paint, they were meant to be a part of my home decor! More pics to come in my Vignette post later this week.

I hope you like them as much as I do! What sort of fall decor and crafts have you inspired in your home? I love to see how different people’s style and interpretation turn into the spirit and love of the holidays.

Happy crafting!

Lemons to Love,
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2 thoughts on “Mother Nature is a Natural – DIY Fall Decor

  1. I'm loving the natural and chic fall look you got going!!! Nice job ma'am!! Just be careful with those acorns, if you keep them too long they may hatch some little buggies blahhhh!

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