Motivation Monday 10.21.13

How come Mondays can have such a blechk reputation?? Think about it. Even though it means the weekend is over, it also means there’s a whole new week ahead full of anything you want it to be!  I can easily forget this optimistic outlook and come down with the ‘insta-flu’ like no other! Talk about boring! Maybe it’s not Mondays, maybe it’s me! I think it’s time I break up with this whole mindset….you know, give it the ol ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ shpeel.

The hubbs is off training for a few weeks, and I’ve already written down a list of DIY and home-improvement projects I want to complete while he’s gone. I really want to get a head start on some creative projects that have been looming the last few weeks months.  Not to mention a few personal achievements I want to start, continue, complete (you know the kind?!).  But the only way to get ahead of the game is to just get started.

What a simple solution to the goals we want to pursue in our life.

Don’t waste another minute.  Use this Monday as a starting block to getting ahead in whatever dreams you dare. Get started, get ahead.

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