Before and After – Green with envy

Can I getta TGIF up in here?! I don’t know if I’m more excited about the weekend finally getting here OR my new Drab to Fab post??  Today’s before and after has left me green with envy … because I am slightly crushing on this Kelly green coffee table I recently painted, and it’s not even for me (it’s for sale)! This ‘lil rattan piece was a thrift store snag! Rattan and bamboo is so hot right now, so I jumped right on board.

I can’t take all the credit though … I owe (95%) of the final product to my (s)Wagner Flexio 590! Halla! I finally took this bad boy out of the box and boy was he worth every penny. I can finally see what all the hype is about … they are 100% better then any other method of painting. It definitely wears a little on the ol’ deltoids from holding it back and forth x amount of times, but I could use the upper arm workout. ; )

I absolutely l.o.v.e how the color came out! It’s such a fun, dramatic contrast of color to make it a statement piece for any living space. It’s called Luscious Green by Valspar.

SOLD! To the lady in her uniform workout gear!

They call me Bond, Paint Bond (yeah, I went there)

Voila! Green with envy, I wish she could stay.

What do y’all think? Do you prefer a bold and the beautiful or calm and serene kind of decor? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

I’ve got a few more projects coming up with a few different color palettes to try out! (Hint: Peacock Chair!)

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

Lemons to Love,
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  1. Thanks so much Jana! I'm such a newbie to this great big blog world, it's so nice to have other bloggers, like yourself, to look up to as I stumble through each post. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

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