Motivation Monday 9.9.13

Happy Monday, y’all! It’s a new day, a new week, and a great reason to begin what you’ve been putting off or continue down your road to conquer.  Sometimes Monday’s can be so dang hard to jump start. After a nice, relaxing weekend it’s so tempting to continue that easy breezy (dare I say lazy?) mentality.

For today’s quote I’m challenging myself, and you, to wet my appetite for more! I say this carefully, as to not find ourselves in a place of discontent in life … that is not my purpose.  But rather, to find that appetite of wanting more for yourself and fulfilling that great purpose we were all created for!  Whether that be personally, professionally, spiritually, or physically I challenge us to a healthy appetite. What kind of appetite do you choose to have today? One for the lazy? Or one for the diligent?  Either way, it’s a choice we make today that can distract or encourage our tomorrow … What will you choose?

Be diligent, be encouraging, be motivated : )

Lemons to Love,
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