Motivation Monday 8.26.13

It’s Monday y’all and I don’t want to rub it in or anything…but Geoff and I are still enjoying our vacation on the East Coast!!

We landed in Altanta to spend some time with Geoff’s dad, made a pit-stop through Perry, GA to see my middle sister and her family, and eventually made our way down to the good ol’ place I like to call Jax, FL!
We had such a fabulous, special, good-for-the-soul visit with our family and friends over the last week…how can we even top it?! Well, a close runner-up is my happy place at the family lake house. It’s the kind of place where time stops, you forget what day it is, and make-up is forbidden! ๐Ÿ™‚ a place where I can have quiet time for me, quiet time with my hunny, and quiet time with God … that kind of vacation is the other fulfilling half my soul needed!
So, to continue the theme of Motivation Monday … get away, see sites unseen, and provide quiet time for your sweet soul’s sake.




Happy Monday!!
Lemons to love,

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