Motivation Monday 8.12.13

My interests may change on quite a frequent basis (look, something shiny!), but my vision and passions do not.  That is a part of my soul, who I am, something I yearn for.  If you’ve got passions in your life, you know the feeling! In my experience, when you feel a calling, passion, or burning desire to accomplish something in your life you feel you have ‘everything’ to lose – because you’ve put your heart in it. And let’s be honest, it’s not always easy putting our precious hearts out on the line! With this kind of vulnerability my friends worry and doubt usually come knockin’ at my door. Whenever these two unwanted visitors stop by, which seems to be quite often lately, I try to make my thoughts take a one-way trip to prayer town. Prayer is my quiet time, one on one, free therapy session with God. I search for answers, give thanks, and ask for guidance for the visions and passions he’s put on my heart.

Lately, I’ve been wanting a little extra spiritual guidance in my life … to be honest, I’ve felt like I’d been going on my own guiding light, and I wasn’t quite fulfilling all of the qualifications to do so. : ) So, I stumbled across this book ‘Visioneering’ by Andy Stanley. I’ve actually had it for years when I purchased it from my old church’s book store in Atlanta, where Andy is head pastor. I knew it was something I’d enjoy reading, but at the time it just wasn’t grabbing my attention. But now, well it definitely is. Isn’t timing funny??

In this book, Andy takes you on a guided journey of the steps in seeing, preparing, and planning for God’s vision in your life. In one particular section on praying and planning he writes, “Prayer is critical to vision development. Here’s why: We see what we are looking for; we often miss what we don’t expect to see.” Say what??! Sounds like a no brainer really.  But when I thought more about it, I realized how on point this ‘simple’ yet complex thought really was. (sometimes the simplest of things can be the hardest to put into action!) It got me thinking about specific times in my life when I was the ‘driver’ and had ‘everything under control’. You know the times when you’re all confident and say, ‘Yeah, I got this.’ And to be honest, you probably do! We’re very capable of making good decisions for our lives that turn out just fine! But in contrast, I remember those times when I’ve stopped taking control, prayed about it, and the situation/experience turned out to be one of the most memorable blessings in my life!
Prayer: 1 – Me: 0.5, God’s batting at 100%. With those odds, I’m motivated to turn to prayer every time.

So today’s motivation I’m sharing with you, is to pray about it. “Prayer keeps us looking…[it] doesn’t force God’s hand. But it keeps us on the lookout for his intervention.” -Andy

Pray for your vision, plan for opportunity, and lookout for intervention. : )

Lemons to Love,
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