Motivation Monday 7.22.13

Happy Motivation Monday, y’all! Today’s quote is inspired by fear…who knew that dirty little word could be so encouraging?! I found it to be a sour lemon for me this weekend with a project I’m working on, I decided to turn that lemon into some love! With questions like, ‘what if I mess up?’ ‘What if it turns out wrong?’ ‘What if it’s all done for nothing?’, circling my brain it’s no wondering I was stumped for creativity for so long!! Sheesh! I’m exhausted just rewriting them : )
I took a perspective pause and realized none of these were of actual any truth. The fear of anything in our lives is just a big ol’ lie holding us from the great things we are meant to do! So, thanks fear, for showing me a piece of my greatness ; ) …you may now leave my mind.
Happy Motivation Monday…lose your fear and find your greatness!
Lemons to Love,
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