Motivation Monday 7.16.13

It’s Monday…& I don’t know about y’all but I’m feelin’ the heat and motivated for what’s to come! Well, maybe that’s more the Summer weather talkin’ while I enjoy the sunny, warmth this state has to offer (for another 5-6 weeks). ; )

Regardless, I’ve got a few things brewing in this creative Cott brain of mine … but with any vision or goal come set backs and doubts. Sometimes we see the things or people that inspire us along our journey and think ‘well shoot, I’m definitely not there yet!!’ But instead of focusing on just the destination, today I’m focusing on my ‘windy road’ to success and enjoying the journey set before me. 🙂


I’m such a visual person, so when I found this quote I thought ‘Boom. That’s it!’ No road to your success is a straight arrow. There’s bumps and bruises, hills and valleys. I loved this reminder and hope you do too!

Lemons to Love,
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