Instagram is the New Facebook

Wellll, maybe not : ) but it is my guilty pleasure in this ever-evolving social media-filled world we live in! It’s like Facebook, but with just pictures. : ) I love keeping up with people and seeing how their lives are evolving, what they’re into these days, what’s the latest trend, or how darn cute their babies are!

Facebook might be a great social media outlet, but I’ll stick with my picture-filled Instagram for now! If you’re a member follow me @lindsgc1105 … and if you’re not, well, what’re you waiting for??!

Here are a few of my fave Instagram moments : )

Cirque du Soleil date night!


 Geoff’s return to his Lacrosse days…

 Our first Military Ball (whoop whoop!)

 Cutie pie, Murphy : )

Brunch following Easter service … great view, fresh catch o’ the day, Bloodie (check, check, check)

 Gangsta Dixon, Mr. T ain’t got ‘nothin! …

 I miss the East Coast

 Got crabs? Always a fresh catch at Pike’s : )

 Geoff’s promotion : D *tear*

 Ball??????? We love taking the boys to the Sound!

 It’s a brown baggin’ kinda day …

 Marine Biology anyone? Just another day on the Sound : )

 Mmm … it’s grill time at the Cott’s!

 Beer fest in Redmond! Giddyup

 (I love this man)

 Hope you enjoyed … deuces

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Lemons to Love,

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