Happy Father’s Day!

Growing up, my dad was surrounded by women. Not a bad thing to have as your constant company, I must say, but I’m sure he wished (a little) that there was a bit more testosterone in the house… he was just too sweet to say otherwise. As I grew up, there became a running joke that I was my dad’s ‘token son’ … playing sports, throwing the football, and helping with yard work, I gladly embraced the nickname.

Looking back, I cherish those times with my dad. I love the hours we had throwing the ball, seasons spent playing softball, or Saturday mornings keeping the yard groomed and green.  Those little moments with my dad are shared memories I’ll always have with him.

Just the other day I thought about the fear of parenting and teenage drivers! As a maturing teen, with plenty of feist in me, my parents put their faith in me to drive.a.car! I mean, think about that. Because when I do, I still question their decision-making. : ) Regardless, they put their faith in me for such a responsible task, while in turn, allowed me to put faith in myself to succeed at my next big learning curve.  So, my dad and I set out in the winding roads of Ramsgate as I learned to drive the frustrating techniques of stick-shift. (sigh) What an adventure that was. I can still remember to this day how aggravating it was to stall out at every turn … and don’t even get me started with my Reverse maneuvering!

But, just like with every obstacle, we power through it and grow from it, because of the faith we had from the start.  What a beautiful thing faith is! Pushing us forward through the many obstacles of life as we grow into the men and women we’re meant to be…all starting with the faith our parents instilled in us.

A Mother’s love gives us strength, a Father’s love gives us the tools to use that strength throughout our life.

– Me : )

Happy Father’s Day Dad (AKA Woooodaay!) Thank you for your love of me, always.

Lemons to Love,
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